We are the team vision and take part in various competitions and events, which are mainly related to robotics.
Our team is bilateral. This means that we are represented by members of two nations: Austria and Slovakia.
Our technical skills are at a high level, which we are constantly trying to improve. Softskills, like fair play and good cooperation, are our top priority – and this is the basis for all the success we have been able to achieve together.


Alexander Zach

As a student of a higher technical school for informatics with profound knowledge and experience from many successful competition participations, he has always supported the team as a software developer. With the ability to read into new programming languages in a very short time, he can help out almost anywhere he is needed.

Christian Lurger

Head of Construction – through his mechanical engineering education and extensive experience, often the most complex and promising designs are created. If they can be programmed, you can never know ;-).

Jakub Ovečka

As a new team member, he actively supports the vision team. He is a true sports talent – but also his technical interest speaks for itself: especially his skills in the field of construction he would like to train together with our team.

Jasmin Heinschink

She has just joined the team and supports it with her diverse skills. Programming is her great passion, which she would like to bring to Team vision. She learns through her training at a higher technical school for informatic practices to generate high quality code.

Manuel Hölzl

As a new team member he strengthens the team vision. His main task as a computer science student is software engineering and hardware-related programming. His knowledge ranges from various programming languages like Python, Java or C to database systems and Cyber Security.

Rene Fischer

As a student of electronics he is the absolute hardware specialist of the group. He builds and repairs almost everything. No matter which hardware problem you face, Rene (almost) always conjures the right parts out of his pocket – freshly imported from China ;-). Also programming is no problem for him, especially with Android Apps he is the right place to go!

Simon Fischer

As one of the youngest team members, he has already gained extensive experience in the field of information technology and software development. In order to deepen and further develop the acquired knowledge, he has recently been attending a computer science HTL.

Stefan Deimel

As an experienced hardware specialist, he makes important contributions to the team. Although his specialist department is electrical engineering, he is available for everything – be it construction, electronics or programming.