The eighth European Robotics Championships (ECER 2019) took place in Vienna from 8 to 12 April.

With immense enthusiasm and dedication, the young people of the ATRIA association took part and won numerous titles. They were able to hold their own at the ECER 2019 with more than 130 participants from six different nations. The aim of the international competition is to get young people interested in research and technology, especially in the field of robotics.

The team “vision” (ATRIA) won the overall ranking “Overall” of the Robotics European Championship in the discipline Open and the excellent second place in Aerial. The former dealt with the development of autonomous land robots, the latter with the development of flying drones. This year the general theme was disaster control. The robots had to rescue citizens, bring firefighters to burning buildings or provide people with a rescue kit. In addition, a scientific paper dealing with this topic had to be written and presented to all participants, scientists and researchers at the RiE (Robotics in Education) research conference.

The young people were so successful that they were able to win a total of 4 individual evaluations and one special award. This success is to be continued in the coming years – with even more know-how, experience and just as much inventiveness.

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